The Deadlift Exercise

Deadlift Exercise – The Ultimate Strength Exercise?

So far, my approach to exercising has focused primarily on bodyweight circuits and sandbag training.

There is no denying the effectiveness of these approaches for fitness, fat loss, and overall strength development.

But what about the deadlift exercise benefits for minimal reps?

A man doing deadlift exercise

What is the Deadlift Exercise?

The deadlift exercise is a weight training exercise in which a loaded barbell or bar is lifted off the ground to hip level, with the torso perpendicular to the ground, before being placed back on the ground.

It is one of three weightlifting exercises, along with the squat and bench press.

Bodyweight exercises are great BUT …

Bodyweight exercises, of course, can be used to develop maximum strength – it’s hard to argue with the strength of someone who can do one-arm push-ups or actual single-arm push-ups.

And when it comes to physical development, just look at any male Olympic gymnast and you will see how ripped bodyweight exercises can take you.

But one thing is missing: lifting heavy things

It is difficult to be more “functional” than practicing lifting heavy objects.

This is something we do every day, whether it’s picking up our child, lifting a grocery bag, or moving furniture.

Deadlift training helps make the body more injury-proof during these activities, but there are many OTHER reasons to regularly practice this movement.

Why Lift Heavy?

Strength athletes, coaches, as well as ordinary people, swear by the benefits that come from lifting heavy weights: gaining lean body mass, hormonal activation, better bone density, increased brain/muscle connection and activation, and just overall improvement. in force.

Interestingly, due to these benefits, one of the first things that professional trainers recommend to people looking to get big guns is to start training the deadlift.

I’ve been training happily with a 100-pound homemade sandbag for the past few months, and while it’s great for lifting and building strength, it doesn’t create the same neuromuscular/hormonal response as lifting a much heavier weight.

A standard Olympic set of weights would allow me to lift MUCH more weight.

I would love to train alone with my punching bag, but recently I found some new equipment.


A friend of mine was moving out and had no room for his rusty old Olympic weight set, so I got it for free!

The deadlift was the first exercise that I thought about attacking with this new equipment.

weight set

The Deadlift Exercise – Bad For Your Back?

The deadlift has a bad reputation as an exercise that is bad for the back.

But most people who DEADLIFT will tell you that when done correctly, deadlifting is one of the BEST ways to make sure your back stays strong and healthy, not to mention the other benefits listed above.

I have hurt my back in the past and did not want to do it again. Ideally, I would pay for an expert to train me in the technique.

But since I’m bankrupt, I went out and searched the internet for some good deadlift tutorials.

So far, I’ve been hitting the deadlift a few times a week, for the past few weeks, and my back has never felt better.

My strength has increased: I feel strong enough to overturn a car! (probably overkill, but you get the point …)

Learn From the Masters:

So here are a few videos from a couple of world-renowned experts.

Here, Fitness Fighters demonstrates the proper deadlift setup for lifting a bar:

And just so you have another chance to absorb this stuff, here is another deadlift setup video with Fitness Fighters:

Here is an excellent video with a renowned physical trainer Javier Markham, explaining the benefits of the deadlift exercise  and explaining some ‘functional’ deadlifting approaches using heavy kettlebells:

Javier Markham is a legendary powerlifting coach, and his setup (where the shins move forward from vertical slightly to meet the bar) is more geared towards getting the body into position to lift seriously heavyweights.

Deadlift Form Key Points

Here are some of the main points to keep you safe while you deadlift:-

  • Set up with a narrow, ‘vertical jump’ stance, with your shins around 1″ away from the bar


  • Look straight ahead – keep your chest up




  • Grip the bar as hard as you can


  • Don’t pull with your arms, let your arms simply hang like straps


  • The bar should contact your shins and thighs on the way up


  • Push through your heels


If you can’t keep your back arched in the low position,


If you can’t keep your lower back flat / slightly arched when the weight is on the ground (due to lack of flexibility, etc.), don’t compromise the health of your back, bring the weight to you.

You can place a few blocks under the weight, or if you have access to a squat rack, simply position the pins at any height that allows you to maintain a safe posture.

Professional trainers will often begin deadlift training with the bar an inch or two above the knee.

This allows for the perfect positioning of the deadlift without compromising back stability.

As the month’s pass and the strength and flexibility increase, the starting position gradually decreases, until the apprentice rises from the ground.

World Record Deadlift

Brian Shaw- Strongest man on the planet. (Deadlifted 511.652 kilograms)

If I feel like I could “flip a car” with my measly 300-pound deadlift exercise, imagine what this guy feels like after lifting 1009 pounds!

If your back injuries are preventing you from training the deadlift, check out my special post on lower back pain exercises for some tips on recovery and prevention.

Have a nice week.



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