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Kishore Shah


I have created this website because I'm on a mission to make India Fit. We Indians are big food lovers and always looking out for gourmet dishes, "kyunki bhaiya zabaan par toh control hi nahi honda". I've traveled a lot few countries "yehi aas pados mein". I noticed one thing common in all that they can work extra hours and become more productive for their country. They knew research of top researchers that "thoda sa smart workout, unko 5x times productive bana deta hai". So i realized "agar humare desh ke 30 crore working people 5x times actively work karne lage toh..?"

So back in 2011, I started researching and learning on this concept of making India work actively 5x times. I got to know the top secrets to work actively in just a few simple steps. All are tried and tested by me. And...

"Aage ki story as expected hai..." 🙂