DIY Workout Sandbag: 3 Simple Steps

Make Your Own DIY Workout Sandbag:

Where does sand come from? The beach! Here is a beautiful sunset.

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[ Where does sand come from? The beach! Here is a beautiful sunset.]


How To Make a DIY Workout Sandbag?

You don’t need much to put together your own punching bag.

In fact, if it takes longer than your average gym warm-up, you’ve probably overcooked it.

Follow these easy steps to make sure you have a bag that can survive even the most vicious workouts.

Training sandbags are a great way to throw some serious weight into your workouts without breaking the bank.

Spend around INR 1500/- bucks on a couple of bags of pea gravel and a beat-up army duffel bag, and you will have yourself a beast of a weight that will keep you busy for quite a while.

Putting it all together is pretty simple:


Dump the pea gravel 34Kg (75 pounds) into the bag. If you are a true savage, you can dump two bags of gravel into the duffel bag and have a 150-pound sandbag.


I use a clip clamp to close up the bag. This way you can add or remove weight to your heart’s content.

I have heard several methods for adding and removing precise amounts of weight: Filling ziplock bags with sand, then duct taping them, putting several of them into large contractor bags…

I get irritated just thinking about having to do all that.

It sounds way too difficult.

Here’s what I do:


I found an empty yogurt container and filled it to the brim with gravel. I then dumped the gravel into a larger container on a scale.

As luck would have it, one yogurt container full of pea gravel weighed in at 1.100Kg (2.5 pounds)!

I then dumped three more yogurt containers of pea gravel into the larger container and made sure that it weighed 10 pounds since I expect the scale to be more accurate at 4.5Kg (10 pounds) than 1.100Kg.

There you have it! Just scoop gravel in or out to get your desired weight, then close it up with the clip clamp.

If you plan on throwing your sandbag, you might want to close up your bag with a couple of zip ties wrapped with duct tape.

Cable clamps are well made, but I wouldn’t trust them to hold up to a serious impact.

With that said, I use my sandbag for cleans, presses, and carries, and the cable clamp has held up like a champ.

Try it out and let me know what you think

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Nothing could be simpler than a punching bag.

It is an affordable and adjustable weight that can make

you lighter or heavier when you need it.

In its simplest form (and, as I have), you could take a builder’s sandbag from a DIY store and use it as a functional weight.

By combining elements of instability and awkward handling techniques, punching bags require you to tame them one rep at a time.

Rather than just learning a full range of motion, building a type of brutal force that has an invaluable level of transfer to everyday life.

Any movement of barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebell can be adapted to work with a sandbag, making them an extremely versatile tool.

You’ll also unlock a variety of exercises you’d normally see performed with an atlas stone, D-ball, or other similar equipment, generally reserved for elite athletes, making sandbags the perfect bridge between brute force and functionality.


Daily workout gives 5x times working energy.

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