4 Best Sandbag Workout Routine

Sandbag Workout Routine:

With sandbag exercises, your stabilizing muscles work constantly as the sand moves around the bag, forcing your body to continually rebalance itself as you work through a full range of motion.

A couple of days ago, I went back to things hard and did this sandbag workout using my homemade DIY workout sandbag. Check it out:

Here are the 4 Best Sandbag Workout Routine:


Exercise #1 – Sandbag Workout Routine Thruster

sandbag workout routine

The thruster is a front squat into a push press, as you can see.

This is an outstanding total body exercise, combining a deep squat and an overhead press. Combining it with pull-ups would hit most of the major muscles in the body (more on that later).

Do this exercise as explosively as possible.

FORM  – As you can see above, my tailbone ‘tucks’ under in the low position of the front squat.

This is due to some lack of flexibility in my hips and ankles, and could potentially put my back at risk of getting injured under a load.

Ideally, you want a completely neutral spine (i.e. flat back).

squat analysis

After seeing this photo, I have made it a point to work further on my squat flexibility by doing  low squat holds as you can see below:

But, for this particular workout, I saved wear and tear on my back by just not squatting as deep for the front squat position of the thruster.

Exercise #2 – Sandbag Workout Pushup Slide

Work into a push-up, keeping a straight back and tight abs. As you push up, turn from the trunk pulling the sandbag across to the opposite side.




Complete the sequence again, alternate between the sides.


Exercise #3 – Sandbag Workout Routine Burpees

Everyone knows how to do burpees. But in case you need a refresher, here is a burpee video courtesy of a CASALLTRAINING that could probably beat me up:


You could do them a little faster than him, but you probably wouldn’t look half as good!

Exercise #4 – Sandbag Workout Bent Over Row



Check out this video by Live Lean TV Daily Exercises

Simply grab folds of the sandbag and pull the bag to your chest.

This horizontal pulling motion complements the horizontal pushing action of burpees, balancing opposing muscle groups.

When done with standard equipment like dumbbells, this exercise targets the back and biceps, but by grabbing folds of the sandbag, it also develops your grip strength and endurance.

Reps & Sets

I did 4 circuits of these exercises. For the thrusters and pullups, I stopped 1 rep shy of failure. I then did 10 burpees and 10 bent over rows. The sandbag I am using here is between 40 and 45 kgs.

Ideally, there would be no rest between exercises, and around 45-60 seconds rest between circuits.

Another Option

I did a YouTube search for “thrusters workout” and found this awesome Cross Fit workout, called “Fran”.

I definitely plan on attacking this with my sandbag and towel/rope setup:


It goes like this: 21-15-9 rep sets of thrusters alternated with pullups, for time. The standard weights are 95 lbs for men, 65 lbs for women.


Is Sandbag Workout Routine Effective?

There are so many benefits to sandbag training and they’re great to add into your workouts to help mix things up.

  • Versatile – First of all, you can use them for almost any exercise. Squats, chest presses, rows, planks, and more.
  • Build strength – Our sandbags weigh up to 60kg, making them particularly difficult to use. Excellent for building strength and muscle.
  • Muscle endurance – Sandbags are great for resistance training. For this style of training, you should use your punching bag to do 20-30 reps per set.
  • Cardio training – Doing sandbag runs and jumping squats will really raise your heart rate, making them perfect for increasing your cardiovascular endurance.
  • Core strength – By using your punching bag for dynamic exercises, you automatically activate your core. Therefore, they are excellent for working the abs and lower back as well.
  • Fat burning – Using a sandbag is great for burning fat and calories.
  • Low impact – Because the sandbags are soft, you can afford to make less stiff movements.

What is the best Sandbag for Workout?

There are several different types of sandbags that you can use for your workouts.

In addition to the traditional sandbag, you can also use power bags filled with sand. These are more like the sandbags you see in the gym and are great for training at home.

Aurion Sandbag
Aurion Sandbag 10KG –Buy from Amazon

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more challenging, you can use punching bags for strong men’s training. It is more difficult and cumbersome to train with them, but eventually, it will challenge you more.

They also weigh up to 150kg much more than their average weight bag.

And if Strongman-style training is something you like, we also make bag-style sandbags that are also great for building muscle and improving your levels of functional fitness.

How much weight should I use for Sandbag Workout Routine?

With how much you train you always go back to your goals. If you’re just starting out, train lightly to get an idea of the types of exercises you’ll be doing.

If you want to develop strength, train so you can reach failure between 3-6 repetitions.

To build muscle, you should miss around 8-12 reps.

And finally, for resistance training, you should do between 20 and 30 repetitions.

Ultimately, sandbags have a variety of uses and can help you reach your fitness goals.

And by doing compound exercises with your punching bag, you can really maximize your training efficiency. You can find more information on compound exercises on our blog: the seven best compound lifts for maximum gains.

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