Six Pack Abs: 9 No Equipment Exercises

Six Pack Abs: 9 No Equipment Exercises:


What’s up India! Today I’m gonna show you a six pack abs workout for that you can do anywhere and this the workout is gonna be perfect for beginners.

Because a lot of these moves are exercises that you can just get right into.

You don’t really have to have any prior knowledge of how to do these.

These are pretty basic movements but they’re super effective when it comes to burning fat and getting the six-pack abs.

And the best of all these exercises require zero equipment.

All you need is your body and the ground and gravity you’re good to go now.

This routine I’ve created for you guys is gonna have a mixture of fat burning exercises, ab sculpting exercises and we’re gonna be using different exercises to target different areas of our abs.

The abdominals are a very big muscle group that is gonna require a lot of different types of exercises to target every single area.

no equipment exercises
Six Pack Abs: No Equipment Exercises

The upper abs, lower abs, middle of your abs, your obliques, and everything else in between so to be really aesthetic.

You have to target all aspects of that muscle group and of course, we’re gonna be incorporating fat burning exercises to burn that layer of fat right on top of our abs.

To make them really show to make them a lot more at steady and the best of all.

This ab routine is gonna make your core super strong these are the same exercises that I got started with and I still use to this day.

So with the right nutrition and this six-pack abs workout that I’m right about to show you guys.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced this workout is gonna get you shredded.

And best of all you can do this anywhere.

So there are absolutely no excuses so let’s go and do. this together.

Guys are you ready??


9 No Equipment Exercises for Six pack Abs:


High Knee Taps

We’re gonna go for 45 seconds let’s go for it.

Make sure to stay free than guys just regulate that breathing and this it’s gonna be a piece of cake.

So right now we’re getting a whole body moving to get that heart rate up.

And start burning that fat and this is also gonna get our body ready so that when we move into those harder core exercises.

It’s really gonna take a stronger effect because we get everything fired up whoo all right next one we have Russian twists.


Russian Twists

So legs upkeep the legs straight touch one side touches the other side keep that core tight regulate that breathing doesn’t give up.

Guys, we’re just getting started, pace yourself if you can go fast.

Challenge yourself go for it if you can

Only go slow take it easy.

Chill eventually gonna get a lot better at this, the most important thing is to make sure that your form is on point and everything else will progress.

But we’re on our way to six pack ABS baby, keep those cords tight.

Alright, next exercise we have leg raises.


Leg Raises

This is the third No Equipment exercises for sixpack abs. Leg Raises directly attack centerline of your abdominal. While doing leg raises breathe slowly and exhale when legs getting down.

Floor/Glute Bridge

Whoo… all right now you starting to feel it hopefully okay.

So the next move we have flutter kicks.


Flutter/ Scissor Kicks

Let’s go right into those legs straight.

Core tight from this position one leg up one leg down.

This is an excellent move for tightening that core strengthening.

And also burning that fat is one of my favorites.

I literally started off on this move right here this is one of the first ones I ever did perhaps this is one of those excellent moves that target that lower core.

That’s normally one of the hardest places to hit all right now.

Let’s go for some crank so now.

We’re gonna use a different angle to the target and also a different flex – let’s go right into it plank.


Spiderman Plank

All about control keep that core tight.

The whole time guys don’t ever loosen it that’s the most important part bring those knees up.

Now we’re gonna switch it up again hit another angle I mean with this chair sit-ups.


Chair Situps


This one is a SIX PACK AB killer.

Guys if you’re doing this with me hang in there we’re almost there regulate that breathing.

you guys go up to try to touch the ceiling that’s really want to reach for it.

Alright, so the next one we’re gonna go for seated in and outs.


Seated In and Outs

Another different angle you know straight out keep that core tense.

I’m gonna right back in all right guys let’s go for it.

Make sure to go all the way out all the way in.

The form is everything especially if there’s a lot of beginners reading this.

Right now you want to start with perfect form because you’re gonna go off of the perfect form.

You start with sloppy for him you’re gonna grow off of that sloppy form you

don’t want that if you need to stop?  Stop

Take that break but keep going.

Don’t give up no matter what.

All right we’re gonna build that discipline.  That’s also just as important as working out because you’re only as good as you continue to push.

So with that said we’re gonna move into the last exercise.

Guys, we have jumping jacks.

This is gonna really finish off the job right here.

Get us those six-pack abs coming.

Here we go….


Jumping Jacks

So this is the last exercise guys push it as hard as you can.

This one you don’t want to stop you want to give this everything.

You got at this last this the last exercise build that discipline.

That’s what’s first gonna allow you to go on that extra reps go on that extra time and eventually your strength is gonna catch up with you.

You’re gonna progress super quick but solve your mindset.

Six pack abs routine that you can do anywhere great for beginners because you don’t need any

equipment, as well as the exercises, being pretty basic anyone can do them.

But being extremely effective because they’re the ones that I started off on but the ones that I still do to this day.

I mean you can hear me I’m pretty guessing at this point but we’ve still got three more rounds to go to finish this routine.

So if you guys enjoyed this six pack ab routine enjoyed the workout then share with everyone for more workouts.

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Today thank you guys for reading I’ll see you guys in the next blog.

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